Eureka CA in 2011

There’s a place in my heart for Eureka California. Arcata, five miles north,
with its college and town square, is the looker of the pair of cities, but Eureka has something. Good bone structure? Old brick, old houses, a layout that makes sense. But Eureka is depressing, and as economically depressed, as a California town can be. It gives the passerby two options: focus on what’s there (and what’s not) or focus on what could be.

I had 10 minutes in Eureka. The fuelie at the dock had already launched into his antigovernment mumbo jumbo, so I climbed the ladder and tried to get my land legs back. I wobbled. I thought about touching the ground, just to do it. Instead I walked fast, determined to see as much as I could. I got a few blocks, took pictures, and went back to the boat.

i’m south of San Francisco now, across from Monterrey bay, and two days ago in Eureka was the last time my feet were on the ground.

This is a Mix (2)

From August 2007. Matias Aguayo’s London Mix. Absolutely worth a listen. Tracklist:

matias aguayo – argento
matias aguayo – uno
fredi michel – enganami (matias aguayo remix)
klein & m.b.o. – the m.b.o. them
christian s – basstest
broke – over that
the sanctuary project – a1
schatrax 006 – a1
the other people place – eye contact
the revolutionaries – kunta kinte version one

This is a Mix (1)

I’ve been going through old mixes, picking favorites and deleting the forgotten ones. Putting a few here seems like a good thing to do. Let’s go!

Softwar – Blow Slowly 1:00:13

1. Lazy Sun – An2
2. Township Funk – DJ Mujava (Crazy P remix)
3. Hypnotic Robotic Adventure – Neurotic Drum Band
4. Firecracker – Linkwood
5. Dont Sleep – Zep001
6. Read in Your Mind – Benjamin Diamond
7. Simple Things – Shit Robot (Todd Terje remix)
8. Spaghetti Circus – Still Going
9. Hands of Love – Rocha
10. Volgograd – Naum Gabo
11. The Soul part II – Craig Smith and The Revenge
12. The House we Built – Shur-i-Kan
13. I am Loved – Walter Jones