a match made in heaven

“Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is one of the largest packaged food companies in the Philippines and the dominant market leader in snacks, candies, chocolates, biscuits, cup noodles and canned beans. It is also a formidable market challenger, as either the second or third leading player, in instant noodles, coffee, ice cream, pasta and tomato-based products.”    –website of URC, maker of Magic Flakes crackers


“In the Philippines, Spam is a popular food item and seen as a cultural symbol. It is prepared and used in a variety of ways, including being fried, served alongside condiments, or used in sandwiches. The canned meat’s popularity transcends economic class, and Spam gift sets are even used as homecoming gifts. There are more than 9 different varieties of Spam currently available in the country and an estimated 1.25 million kilos of the meat is sold every year in the Philippines.[39] During the rescue efforts after Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) in 2009, Hormel Foods donated over 30,000 pounds of Spam to the Philippine National Red Cross.[40]” –Wikipedia article on Spam, the canned meat product


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John T. saying hey like John T. does

magicflakes would like to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliant curatorial talents of our friend and follower, John T.

for nearly a year, John has kept a log of curious, ridiculous, debatable, uncanny, indefensible, unintelligible, preternatural, untenable, extraordinary news headlines, posting them as comments (183 of them!) on one of our “articles.” it has been a genuine treat for us to see New comment on your post “Georgetown saying hey like Georgetown does” Author : John show up in the inbox.

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on japan

when something so enormous and awful happens, it’s hard to even talk about it in terms that don’t sound trite. so i appreciate how the president of my university approaches it in the broadcast email she sent last night, making it personal to us, but keeping the global perspective at the fore. thank you, phyllis wise.

(it is a very good list of relief organizations. please consider giving.)

Dear Members of the UW Community:

The widespread devastation wrought by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has deeply touched and saddened our UW community. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan as they grapple with the aftermath of these tragic events.

Fortunately, all UW students and faculty who were in Japan when the earthquake struck on March 11 have been accounted for and are unharmed. Since then, on March 16, the U.S. Department of State issued a Travel Warning for Japan, strongly urging U.S. citizens to defer travel to Japan and those in Japan to consider departing. The UW Office of Global Affairs has cancelled all International Programs and Exchanges programs in Japan effective immediately and is working to assist the 17 UW students who are still in Japan to depart.

While we are relieved that our students and faculty who were in Japan when the earthquake occurred are safe, we are also mindful that there is a staggering number of people who are not. Thousands of lives have been lost, and thousands of others are injured, homeless, or missing. The nuclear crisis has added even more anxiety and urgency to what was already an all but unfathomable situation. We have more than 200 students from Japan, and it is hard to imagine how much concern they in particular must feel for their family, friends, and loved ones in their home country.

Many of you have inquired about ways in which you can help the international relief efforts being mounted in Japan. I hope you will take a moment to view this list of organizations that are accepting donations for disaster relief and contribute in any way you can to help those in need.

We will continue to update you on news about the disaster in Japan and its effects on our UW community.

Phyllis M. Wise
Interim President

best of nine

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trapez turns 100 — oliver hacke
hold me (breakbot remix) — pacific!
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The Fight Against Shaq

I went into an Indian takeaway and saw a new chapter of The Fight Against Shaq. I asked the 10 year old behind the counter if he’d drawn it. He nodded. I asked him if he meant Shaq, the basketball player, raising my hand above my head to show how tall. “No,” said the boy, “Shaq is this kid in my school who I hate.” As you can see down at the bottom, RIP Shaq