John T. saying hey like John T. does

magicflakes would like to take a moment to acknowledge the brilliant curatorial talents of our friend and follower, John T.

for nearly a year, John has kept a log of curious, ridiculous, debatable, uncanny, indefensible, unintelligible, preternatural, untenable, extraordinary news headlines, posting them as comments (183 of them!) on one of our “articles.” it has been a genuine treat for us to see New comment on your post “Georgetown saying hey like Georgetown does” Author : John show up in the inbox.

so we would like to encourage our readers to enjoy John’s good work, to give John our sincere thanks for his very fine contributions to magicflakes, and to say to him, “even though you could make a really good tumblr out of this shit we hope you keep posting here.”

A Day at the Jetty

We drove out to the Spiral Jetty yesterday. The road’s better than last time but the jetty is much closer to submerged. I walked out in jeans and boots, mid-thigh deep. The clothes are brittle now, crusted with salt.

After we walked the jetty we climbed up the hillside and looked at the lake, drinking beer and watching people come and go. K the hydrologist (and our driver and host) said the level will likely rise a bit in the coming year. La nina? You never know though. The jetty was submerged for more than a decade in the…80’s? Maybe it’ll go under again and I can tell people “I saw it when…”