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  1. Appears MFlakes is not posting comments. I am frightened and do not know how to continue with my life’s work. Please advise.

  2. thank you for alerting us to the situation. it appears several of your comments were inadvertently marked as spam. the situation has been amended and you may carry on as before. <3

  3. As the horrors of the daily headlines came stabbing into my waking hours, with no real alternative to announce them to the throngs of MFlakes well-wishers, curiosity seekers and celebrants, I felt that a part of me was dying. Thank you.

  4. it was likely the words “nude woman” that caused the post to be flagged. oddly, “naked hiker” a few days prior was not similarly denied. glad to see you’ve bounced right back, and apologies for what must have felt like a trying few days for you.

  5. B.O. party at Tangeman’s Wedesday 5:00pm J + L invited. 20206 54th Pl NE, 98155. Call for details.

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